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About Us

First Generation 1974

Our Father and his 3-brothers are very skilled in Forging, and masters in Milling and Sharpening.
initially, they worked hard and started to manufacture SURGICAL FORCEPS forging and well known for surgical makers for the Exporters.

The Era Of Technology
In 1990, Mr.M.Nawaz established a partnership company under the title of ANRS Corporation for the production and supply of Surgical and Dental Instruments. He made a team of selected artisans and worked hard for the enrichment and expansion of the business with due enthusiasm. A target had been set by him to achieve a reputation in the international market to accomplish his ideas, with the hope that the next generation may grow further and could be able to introduce the skill and quality of the products.

Steps Towards Success: Second Generation:
in 2005, Mr. Jamil Nawaz joined with his father Mr. M. Nawaz, and established another partnership company under the title of PH INDUSTRIES after that, we purchased the latest CNC Machines to improve the quality of the instruments.

In 2006, M. Jamal Nawaz son of Mr. M.Nawaz joined the company as a Partner and he made a team of selected artisans for CNC Machines started for production and technical works.

In 2010, Mr. AtaMustafa Kamal younger son of Mr. M. Nawaz joined the company as a Partner.

Our Production Quality is assured and maintained by the following international standards:
PH INDUSTRIES Company to comply with the requirements of cGMP of FDA's and ISO approved at Sialkot.